Plugin: jQuery

This plugin is meant to be used in conjunction with jQuery.
It enables ScrollMagic to make use of jQuery's advanced selector engine (sizzle) for all elements supplied to ScrollMagic objects, like scroll containers or trigger elements.
ScrollMagic also accepts jQuery elements for all methods that expect references to DOM elements. Please note, that in most cases the first element of the matched set will be used.

Additionally it provides the ScrollMagic object within the jQuery namespace, so it can be accessed using $.ScrollMagic.

In contrast to most other plugins it does not offer new API additions for ScrollMagic.

To have access to this extension, please include plugins/jquery.ScrollMagic.js.



// create a new scene making use of jQuery's advanced selector engine
var scene = new $.ScrollMagic.Scene({
  triggerElement: "#parent div.trigger[attr='thisone']:not(.notthisone)"